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Q? = What is our Photo Style?

I often get asked what our photo style is and I always find myself taken back by that question. I mean, should my style matter? After all, I am working for you, shouldn’t the question be, “what is your style”? Perhaps it is simply because I come from Hollywood and started out in cinema before moving into still photography. Here is what I mean… As a professional filmmaker, I never got to come to work and say my style is XYZ. I was trained and taught that I have to be able to provide any style as appropriate for the work. If I’m working on a horror film my camera work and editing should be dark and scary, if I’m working on a love film it should be warmer and happy maybe even thought-provoking, if I’m working on an action film… you get the point. So we have actually taken the standpoint as a studio that we work very hard to make sure we can reproduce anything needed for our clients. We believe all our work should reflect who you are not what our style is. For this reason, you will notice several of our FILMS (SEE HERE) have slightly different looks, different feels, different pacing. Some people are quiet, some people are very dynamic and high energy, some people are reserved but regal while others are silly and quirky. Shouldn’t your films and photos fit that “style”?

I write this article today because I was reminded this weekend of this when an engaged couple asked us to partner with them on their wedding film and photos as well as they asked us to shoot an engagement session. Well, when it came time for the engagement session this bride had some very specific ideas of the kinds of images she wanted. I have to admit these images at first glance aren’t something in our “normal” wheelhouse. The sample images she sent me to look at challenged me a bit because frankly, to be honest, I didn’t even love all the looks and feel of all the images. Some images where great some didn’t do anything for me. Well, I could be the classic artist and say I’m not excited by these images or I could embrace them and see how we could reproduce them and even improve on them. I found myself in the edit room spending hours working to make sure my client got exactly what she wanted and in the end, she was super excited. That excitement is why we do what we do!

Below are some of the images we produced for her, you might enjoy seeing how many different looks can come from just one image. Editing truly is where so much magic happens.

photo style images photo style images photo style images

Q? = Do you have a default photo style?

I guess if I had to say what is our style if my client doesn’t give any input it would be clean and natural. Typically we always love to deliver crisp clean and natural images for our clients because those will never go out of style. in fact, even if a client gives us a style they want or if we feel there is a particular look they want like that California soft light looks we always still deliver natural images alongside the other creative edits. Think of fashion, how many times have bell bottom pants tried to come back! Let’s face it, Photography style and fashion are hand in hand, they both are cyclic and what is “COOL” today might be “SILLY” tomorrow, so natural timeless images should always be something you get.

Below are some more natural images as we tend to provide.

Bride and Groom Dallas Arboratum Wedding bride Love shoe Groom reflections bride adn groom back at reception

You can find more images of our HERE or HERE