Q? = What does the best wedding video coverage look like?

Well, we believe that best video coverage always starts with multiple cameras set at multiple angles. We believe you should probably have at least one more angle than you think you need! Let me explain, more angles means more creativity in the film, more options in editing, less opportunity for a family member to unknowingly block a shot and it gives you the very best chance that all your memories are captured and saved forever!

Q? = Why would you ever not use the best coverage available?

Unfortunately, many brides and grooms who prioritize budget as the main concern tend to select a service solely based on budget but what they don’t understand is they are going to get exactly what they paid for, budget coverage. Budget coverage in it’s most simple form starts with the question, “How little can I get away with”. We start our planning process from the opposite angle, we ask the question, “how many cameras do I need to tell the best story at any cost” and then we add a few more cameras and this lands us in the sweet spot with all the great angles you see in our films.

 Q? = Isn’t the best wedding video coverage a lot more work?

Yes, it is a lot more work for us on the filming day and it multiplies out exponentially into more work in the editing room, but we aren’t afraid of a little work.

Q? = Do all those cameras cause a distraction for my guests?

We DO NOT create a large footprint or distraction at all with these cameras as they are pretty small Cinema cameras. In some cases, we even hide the cameras using the same technique as Hollywood does on TV and movie sets. Read some of our reviews HERE to see exactly what people say about how we are like NINJAS, hardly even noticed.

Q? = Is it really expensive to get the best video coverage?

Isn’t cost always a relative thing, right? Believe it or not, It actually costs more for inexpensive poor coverage. Not only is it costing you precious memories that you will never get back, but it actually costs you more per camera by the time you get your edited wedding film back. Most the companies we know who shoot with 1, 2, or even occasionally 3 cameras cost you more per angle, more per minute of video than we do.