What should my INVESTMENT be?

Some times the first question people ask is, “What will it cost for my film or photos”. We would reply that the investment you choose to put into your memories should be in-line with your desire to have a complete and quality keepsake. We call it an “INVESTMENT” because that is truly what we believe it is. We know that there are no retakes and your wedding day only happens once. We understand there is only one opportunity to capture that kiss or those words, “I DO”. You can likely find someone who may charge you less, be young and building their portfolio, or who simply cuts corners to charge less… We won’t.  Many important decisions in life are about balancing “Risk vs Reward”. We have a team of dedicated and trained professionals because we believe our job is to eliminate that risk for you and that is how we have come to price our packages. We have cinema packages & photo packages that are comfortably equipped starting at under $3K. About 80% our clients spend between $2K-5K on cinema (video) and  about $2K-4K on photography with us. We offer a discount when you are doing both photo and cinema with us along with other various discounts for day of the week, military, students, and a few other discounts.

Remember…..At the end of the day when the flowers have wilted, the cake is torn to pieces, the music has stopped and the guests are leaving…… All you have to remember this incredible day are your photos and films… 



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