How is Dove Weddings different than the other companies?

First: Other than being super nice and extremely charming, one of the biggest differences between DW and other wedding cinematography companies is we don’t shoot video. We shoot digital film with 35mm film cameras. Our cameras aren’t “auto” everything. We have to do it all, manual focus, manual zoom, manual color balance, manual….. There is no built in espresso machine in these cameras! You get it! You will hear us refer to ourselves as “CINEMATOGRAPHERS,” this is because we truly understand the properties of light and how it relates to exposure and motion. We understand how many stops of dynamic range our cameras have before they blow out and destroy your image. We understand that choosing a wide angle lens and pushing in close to you is going to make the scene feel more comedic, or using a longer telephoto lens to compress space will make you look elegant and even regal. We know the boundaries, and how far we can push our cameras to get the shot we need. We don’t leave your film up to the electronics in Uncle Buck’s Sony Palmcorder or Aunt Suzie’s iPad. We control EVERYTHING we capture!

Second: Audio, Audio, Audio! Did you hear that? We embrace audio! We LOVE when couples write their own vows, write love letters to each other, the officiant says something profound, or there are speeches at the reception. We are able to use all of the amazing audio from your wedding day to help craft your wedding film. During a typical ceremony, we capture 10-12 channels of audio from wireless lapel mics, placed under clothing, and industry standard shotgun mics, placed in hidden places around your venue. We want to get mom’s crying and Aunt Trudy’s giggles on our digital recorders because it all supports your story!

Third: Editing. Editing. Editing. We feel editing is as important as the actual filming  Don’t get me wrong, you still need to have the skills to shoot, white balance, compose properly, and shoot creatively but the ability to craft a story from footage, while utilizing the audio from your wedding day, is a skill in and of itself.

Fourth: We have some off-the-hook photographers. It doesn’t matter if your looking for a super sophisticated and artsy fashion photographer, or a photo journalist photographer, we can do both. When our whole team (cinema and photo combined)  is covering your event, it is like a large orchestra playing a beautiful piece of music. The synchronicity and coordination is so much fun for us, and that translates into incredible images, and a wonderful film for you.

What we Don’t do…We don’t just create music videos that you can do on your own. When you hire DW for your wedding, you are hiring us to tell your story, and to do it in a way no one else can. We carefully craft your wedding film, using the perfect shots, the perfect audio clips, and the perfect music track.

How can I view a full length film to see what that looks like?

We typically only post highlight films and other shorter films online. Please contact us for an appointment here in the studio to see anything you want. I highly recommend you stop in to watch a full ceremony or reception film (we can skim through it)  because our documentary films are really uniquely different from so many others.

What will Dove Weddings need from me prior to my wedding?

Our goal is to make your experience with us easy and as stress-free as we can. Therefore, we require as little from you as possible. Your initial consultation with us will hopefully be in person.  If in person is not a possibility we can meet via Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangout.  All of these things will really help to shape our interaction versus meeting on the phone. We will use that opportunity, to gather information about your core character traits, who you are, what you love, etc. Then we can do the rest.

When we get about two weeks out, we will ask you to fill out our “Final Wedding Details” form online. At that point, we will talk a couple times, to make sure you are all set.

Now having said all that, you are free to contact us with any questions or comments, at any time. Want to stop by the studio for a cup of coffee to chat, hangout, and maybe watch some movies? Cool, we love it, whatever works for you is good with us. We are easy!

Who will be filming my wedding?

When you hire Dove Weddings you get Dove Weddings. We don’t farm out to CraigsList shooters. It will be a member(s) of our team, who have all been through rigorous training.  We have a team meeting about your film before we go out, so we know exactly what we want to capture.

Is Dove Weddings Insured?


We sure are!

We carry over $2M in liability coverage and we have never found a venue, or even a country, we didn’t have enough insurance to work in!

How obtrusive are you to my guests?

Not at all! We make it a point to be unseen. Sometimes, brides call us “NINJAS” because, when they get their final film, they can’t figure out, how we get a shot saying, “I didn’t even see you there”. In addition to our cinema cameras, we always travel with some cool tricks up our sleeve, like our small hidden cameras. This is great in a Catholic church when they tell us we won’t be allowed to move, or get to the communion or the candles, etc. We just set up a hidden camera at the candles or communion station.  Then we capture the most incredible close up that would be impossible without literally walking over, and creating a big distraction to your guests. We love our toys!

We also bring a huge variety of cinema and photo lenses so we are able to get close ups of people from far across the room, the patio, or even across the golf lawn of your local country club.

How do I pay for my wedding?


We accept pretty much everything!

Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Check, Cash, eCheck, PayPal… You name it, we can use it. We recommend eCheck (bank transfer) as it is quick, simple, and the most cost effective. We set up an invoice in our Intuit Quickbooks and they send you an invoice for payment. We don’t see your bank account information. It is all handled safe and secure through Intuit. Credit card charges will be assessed an additional 3.5% over cash discounted package prices.


What is your deposit requirement?

We require a 50% deposit to hold your day. Your balance is due 14 days prior to your wedding. If you’re booking both photo and cinema, and your deposit is a challenge, please talk to us and let’s see what we can do!


*Note* Your deposit is non refundable as the moment we take on a client by accepting their deposit we will begin to turn away other clients that we are now unable to partner with since we have agreed to partner with you on your wedding. having said that, we do make every effort to be reasonable and accommodating if there is some form of emergency or a change of venue or change of dates etc…

Adding things to your agreement post signing

Occasionally you may choose to add things to your package after our agreement has been executed. This is fine we are happy to add things like extra hours, or other coverage, same day edit etc… Whatever you need. Payment for these additional items will be made before your wedding or occasionally under special circumstances we may be able to extend a 2-4 week courtesy payment option for you to pay 2-4 weeks after your wedding. However, we DO NOT take contractual payments on the day of your wedding. We don’t want you thinking about money or making payments to us on your wedding day.  Some clients tip us and we also don’t want there to be any confusion about balance owed verses a tip for our team.

Should I Tip?

Tips are a wonderful thing but not expected by us.

We get asked all the time by clients, “Should I tip my photographer or cinematographer and if so, how much is appropriate?”  We consider your contracted package with us ample compensation so tipping isn’t required but it is always great when we get the surprise of a tip! It encourages us that you really value what we did. We typically receive tips anywhere from the $200 -$600 range.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, we do offer some discounts, like military discounts and occasional specials.

We are a highly trained, passionate, and unique team of cinematographers, and we feel our prices are extremely fair for our services. We put endless hours of time in training, preparing for and planning out our shoots, and editing the films. Having said all that, we want to do everything in our power to meet the needs of our clients and their budgets.

Will you do a destination wedding?

Yes! We love destination weddings. It doesn’t matter if it is somewhere warm and beautiful like Costa Rica, somewhere cozy and comfy like Colorado at a beautiful lodge, or if we are freezing our you know whats off in Alaska, standing on a glacier. We go where the story is!

With some packages there might not be any travel destination charges! Yes, that is what I said! In some cases, depending on your package, we  pay our own way!

Do you film both groom and bride prep?

Yes, unless the package or locations prohibit it.

Do you shoot in HD?

YES! Our cameras actually have 4K sensors (Ultra HD). We do use some DSLR cameras, but mostly we have moved on from DSLR’s to proper 35mm Cinema cameras for all our main camera shots, because they look so much better!

Here is a fun little video that talks about the C100 (our cameras) vs. DSLR cameras like the Canon 7D, 5D, 60D, and 6D.

Canon C100 vs Your Old DSLR

Do you mic the groom?

Yes we do. We also mic the minister, the band, the people you…. OK, WAIT a minute. So we don’t mic your guests, and most of the time not the bride. What we do is use some very professional microphones like you see in the movies, called shotgun mics, that are designed to pick up sound from across the room, and isolate it from the other sounds nearby. That is typically how we mic the bride. The groom gets a small (you won’t even see it) mic, placed under the collar with a small digital recorder, that goes in his jacket pocket. The officiant gets a similar setup. This is great for three reasons;

  1. The photographer loves this because the groom will NOT have a big ugly lapel mic attached to his chest in the pictures.
  2. The sound quality (this is the preferred Hollywood way) is fantastic and super clear.
  3. If your DJ has a wireless mic, there is no chance of interference because our system doesn’t use radio frequencies.
Will a Blu-ray disk work in a DVD player?

No. A Blu-Ray disk will not work in a DVD player but most DVD’s will work in Blu-Ray players.

Blu-Ray vs DVD, what is the difference?

Many people think you can get a DVD with high definition footage on it. I am so sorry to say this doesn’t work. At least not like most of you are thinking. Can I take a high definition video file and burn it to a DVD data disk? Yes but that will only play in a computer, it will NOT play in a regular DVD player. The only way you will get HD to play on your TV from a regular consumer player is with a Blu-Ray player. DVD may still rule your world, but crushing your film down to standard definition so it plays on a DVD is such a bummer for us, as we know your film isn’t all it can be!


As far as the technical differences go:

  • DVD = 4.7 to 8.5GB
  • Video is encoded to MPEG-1 or 2 (really old technology)
  • Maximum video resolution = 720-480
  • Blu-Ray = 25-128 GB (lots of storage!)
  • Video is encoded to H.264 or Mpeg-4 and occasionally MPEG-2 (much newer technology)
  • Maximum resolution at this time 1920×1080
Can I get my Highlight Film Online


Yes!…That’s how we do it!

We want your friends and family to enjoy your film with you so we will typically place your film online with your own personal page to share. This can be shared and linked with Facebook or other sites as you want. From time to time we will run promotional packages with highlight films only these are delivered online unless outlined differently in your contract.

Do I get to use my own music?


Yes!…and..well…NO. Let me explain…

We are going to ask you for 3-5 mp3 files of songs you legally purchased from somewhere like iTunes. We will then place those songs on YOUR film for your enjoyment. This is essentially like your making a copy onto your iPod. It is intended for you and you only. You need to understand that the purchase of a song from somewhere like iTunes doesn’t legally license you to use that music in places like the INTERNET or TV. There have been some legal shifts in the recent past, and there is now a precedence that all songs on the web need to be licensed for web distribution. So, what we will do is use your songs for the films that won’t go online, but your highlight film will be licensed music. We will pay for the music licensing and we will choose the song. The cost of this licensing is $50-$500 per song depending on the tune and what you want to license it for. We will use your song choices (the 3-5 songs you submit) combined with the footage we shot, and the style and character of your personalities, to help us select the licensed music. Should you have a song that your heart is really set on for your online “HIGHLIGHT” film, and we can’t get it as a licensed song, we will be happy to make an alternate version of your highlight film by swapping out the licensed music for your song, and you will get that on your DVD or Blu-Ray disk. Just know, we can not put that online and you shouldn’t as well.

Want to pic the music yourself?

Here is our favorite licensing company (TMB) and the one we recommend. If you want feel free to dig through the thousands of songs they have to find just the right one. Once you select it you will need to license it (pay for it) then give it to us with the PDF license they issue you. Remember… you don’t have to do this, we would prefer that we pick your music so you are surprised! If we select your music we will even pay the licensing fees for you.


*NOTE* We only pay for licensing for your Highlight or Same Day Edit films all other music licensing will be handled by the client.

What is your typical cinema turn around time?

Our typical film delivery time is 8-12 weeks from the time we have all the materials needed; the footage we shot and the music you get to us. Most couples realize that is really fast.

You can’t rush perfection! Here is where the time goes. After a typical wedding day, where we are on location(s) 8 – 10 hours, we’ll end up with 200-300 Gigabytes of footage. Imagine 3-6 cameras worth of footage, and hundreds and at times thousands of small clips to look through. Then add to that 6-12 audio sources, plus any specialty items we might have shot, like time lapses or motion tracked shots. Going through and organizing all of the footage, syncing audio to the ceremony and each reception event, putting your wedding footage together to recreate your wedding day, sourcing the music, color correction, and grading, all can take 4-8 weeks. Then in the middle of all that, we likely have other projects we are working on, in tandem. So, you see, your wedding film by Dove Weddings is so much more than showing up, pressing record, and handing you over a tape.


*NOTE* Discounted packages may be subject to a longer delivery time

What is your typical photography turn around time?

We work very hard to have your images edited and online for you to start making selections (if you have an album package), within 3-4 weeks after your wedding. If you need it sooner, just ask!

Albums can take 5-10 weeks for the manufacturer to build the books (they are made by hand).  Most of the time, we find they are ready in 5-6 weeks from the time they are ordered.

*NOTE* Discounted packages may be subject to a longer delivery time

I already hired my photographer. Do you get along with other vendors?

Absolutely! In fact we have many, many friends in the wedding business who refer us to other couples for wedding videography. So yes, we get along very well!

I already hired my videographer. Will your photographers get along with them?


See if your day is available now!