Nover & Marivi – Wayfarers Chapel (Same Day Edit)

Nover & Marivi – Wayfarers Chapel – Same Day Edit


What a beautiful wedding, the whole team you put together was a blast to work with. Thank you for the love, kindness, and consideration you both have shown our whole team. We truly have been blessed to experience your day with you. Congratulations and thank you for letting us “TELL YOUR STORY”!

Jason & Lisa
and the DW Team

Prep First look Church Car

Ceremony Venue: Wayfarers Chapel
Reception Venue: Trump national golf club
Cinematography: Dove Weddings
Photography: Dove Weddings
Wedding Coordinator: Jenny with At your door events
DJ: Steve Kikuchi
Florist: Sachiko Nakamura
Music Licensed from: The Music Bed

Arturo & Alexandra – Red Horse Barn


Rustic romance, vintage vibes, and colorful personalities is a combination to make the most epic of wedding films! This wedding was shot in the surf city of Orange County, California. It was so fun and fantastical. The classic yet rustic setting of the Red Horse Barn in Huntington Beach, CA, allowed the natural beauty of the bride and groom to shine through. We are so lucky to have been able to capture their memories through our photo and video teams. Our commercial drone pilot had a blast getting some awesome aerial footage. Throughout the day we got to witness a wonderful love that these two families share with each other. Truly heartwarming to watch.

Arturo & Alexandra,

Thank you again for letting us be part of your incredible day. From the details of your dress, to the entertainment of your guests, your love, laughter, and emotion will be remembered forever. Thank you for letting us “Tell Your Story.” We hope you enjoy the film & pictures!

Jason & Lisa
And the Dove Weddings Team

Love Notes, Lace, Cute Shotes

Garter, Gowns, and Glasses of Champagne!

Horses wedding watch wedding gift rustic wedding

The Groom gets a Gorgeous Gift from the Bride, as Best Men Help Tie the Bowtie.

Wedding games father daughter first look

Dad Sheds a Tear as He Sees His Beautiful Baby Girl in Her Wedding Dress for the First Time!

wedding rings, wedding bands, tears, kisses, cheers

The Moment when You Marry the Love of Your Life… at the Red Horse Barn!

Bride and groom romantics rustic vintage

A Rustic Shot of the Bride and Groom under an Old Tree at the Red Horse Barn in Huntington Beach, CA.


Cinema: Dove Weddings
Photography: Dove Weddings
Coordinator: Robyn
Florist: Designs By Hampton
DJ:Fly By Night
Venue: The Red Horse Barn


JJ & Karren


We left our hearts in San Francisco at this wedding — what a truly heartwarming story! Set in the misty climate of the San Francisco Bay Area, this couple exemplified their faith, love, and honesty with each other. We are honored to have been chosen to capture their memories through our photo and video teams. We hope you find their film and photos as inspiring as we did! …

JJ & Karren,

Thank you again for letting us be part of your special day. your day was filled with beauty and the love you two share. Thank you for letting us “Tell Your Story.” We hope you enjoy the film & pictures!

Jason & Lisa
And the Dove Weddings Team

Cinema: Dove Weddings
Photography: Dove Weddings
Ceremony: St. Roberts Catholic Church
Reception: Hilton SFO Bayfront
Florist: Joann Cai
Bakery: The Cakery
DJ: DJ Eugene Macala

Israel & Stephanie – Rancho Las Lomas



Our hearts all dropped when you contacted us to tell us Israel had passed just after your wedding. We found ourselves shooting at Rancho Las Lomas twice since that call and everywhere we turn on that property we just see the two of you and the memories of your day. This was a particularly hard edit for our team to get through but with many tears we have come up with a collection of images and some films that we hope you love as much as we do.  As I look at the first image below I can only imagine you looking up to heaven as Israel leans down to give you a kiss. You put so much trust in us and we are so blessed that we got to be a part of your day.

Thank you for letting us tell you story!

Jason & Lisa
and the DW Team

is6 is2 is3 IS4     steph1      is5

Cinematography: Dove Weddings
Photography: Dove Weddings
Coordinator: Ashley – Agapeplanning
Venue: Rancho Las Lomas
Florist: Lynn Lucente Floral Designs
Officiant: Jeff Yackett – OC Wedding Officiant

Halil & Selma – Cicada Club (Bosnian)


Halil & Selma,

I don’t think you could have picked two more beautiful places to have your wedding. The Biltmore and the Cicada Club both have a certain timeless beauty to them! It was a joy to serve you and the whole team on the day of your wedding. Thank you to all the team at Modern LA Weddings for making the day run so well.  Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your incredible day!

Jason & Lisa
and the DW Team

(Below images are from film)


Cinema: Dove Weddings
Photography: Dove Weddings
Coordinator: Modern LA Weddings
VenueThe Cicada Club
Florist: The Flower Blog
DJ: Hey Mr DJ
Cake: Lark Cake Shop

Anthony & Alexandria – San Diego (Marines)


Anthony & Alexandria
 It was a pleasure working with both of you! It was a super fun night filled with lots of laughs and good times!
Thank you both for your service to our county and many wishes of great luck for your future endeavors.

We  also wanted to say thank you for letting us “TELL YOUR STORY”!

Jason & Lisa and the DW Team



Cinematography: Dove Weddings
Photography: Spotlight Studios (All Still Images on this post are copyright  Spotlight Studios)
Music Licensed For Video: The Music Bed

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